The water level in Metcalfe Park has risen significantly since the dock was installed last week. The dock was unsafe and so we moved it closer to shore this week and chained it so it will not float away. Please stay off of it until further notice.


Re:       FLOOD WATCH –  July 12, 2017 
  FLOOD WATCH for Little Marble Lake and Dalhousie Lake


JULY 12, 2017 MISSISSIPPI VALLEY WATERSHED- Mississippi Valley Conservation is issuing a FLOOD WATCH for Little Marble Lake and Dalhousie Lake. As a result of the continuous rainfall   and with additional rainfall in the forecast, water levels are expected to reach above normal spring flood conditions. Levels on Dalhousie Lake are expected to increase 15 to 20 cm above current elevations.

 Water levels on Mississippi Lake are also expected to increase 10 to 15 cm above current levels over the next 4 days depending on additional rainfall. Levels on the upper lakes have been steadily increasing over the last few days and are expected to remain high for the remainder of the week.

 Watershed dams are being operated to manage the increased flows. These areas are extremely dangerous for recreational users of the river system. Residents and visitors are advised to stay well clear of any dam while swimming, boating or fishing to avoid being caught in strong currents and pulled into the dam.

 Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) reminds the public to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time, and when combined with current flow conditions pose a serious hazard especially for small children and pets.

 Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVCA website at

 The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority flood forecasting and warning program monitors weather conditions, snowpack water content, estimates expected river flows and water levels and issues flood advisories or warnings as required. MVCA provides early warning and continuous monitoring to municipal and provincial emergency response personnel through a flood event.


In June, the hydro family in Almonte lost two great men.


On June 19th, Bill Gomme (on the right in the photo above) passed away on Monday at 77 years of age. Bill was Mayor of Almonte from 1976-78. He also served on the Almonte Public Utilities Commission for 29 years (off and on from 1965-2000), and remained a great friend of Mississippi River Power.

On June 9, Randy Wark passed away at the age of 46. Randy worked for Almonte Hydro as a summer student in the early 90's and then went on to work with Canadian Hydro Components (CHC) for the past 25 years. During his time with CHC, he also assisted Missisippi River Power with many maintenance issues. He was an extremely hard worker and a great problem solver.

Both men were important parts of the hydro family in Almonte and will be dearly missed.


  News & Notes June 22, 2017

After having higher than average flows for several months and running at our station at full capacity, flows have dropped drastically over the past week. Flows are now slightly above average and our output is down to roughly 80%.

We hope to install the dock in Metcalfe GeoHeritage Park soon, once flows have dropped a little bit more.

 News & Notes March 20, 2017

 Flows peaked on March 11th at just under 110 cms. As of this morning, the flow (as measured at the Appleton Stream Gauge) is 82 cms. We expect another peak in the first two weeks of April as temperatures continue to rise.

We have not yet submitted our amendment application to the MOECC. We are still in the information gathering stage and are awaiting some agency replies.


 News & Notes February 15, 2017

Flows have been at or near the average for this time of year, for the past month. As a result, the generating station is operating at very close to full capacity. We expect flows to rise again this weekend, with warmer weather causing some snow melt.

We are still awaiting replies from various agencies relating to our proposed Permit To Take Water amendment. The proposal is to temporarily elminate the 2.2 cubic metres per second compensation flow requirement during drought conditions where the flow is below 6.5 cms during the period of November 15th to March 15. With the present flows, we will not require this amendment this year. We are moving forward with the amendment request to protect the station in future years where low flows may exist in winter conditions.


 News & Notes January 9, 2017

Flows have increased significantly over the past few weeks. The flow was down around 7 cubic metres per second two weeks ago and is now close to 25 cms, Despite the huge increase, the flow is still only at about 60% of the historical average for this time of year.




Mississippi River Power Corp. is the generation side of the former Almonte Hydro. The Corporation of the Town of Mississippi Mills owns 100% of the shares in MRPC.

Mississippi River Power Corp. owns and operates a 4.6 Megawatt Generating Station in Almonte, Ontario. This station was built in 2008-09 and came online on April 9, 2010.


"Mississippi River Power Corp. is committed to generating clean, reliable power, while continually improving efficiency, providing a reasonable return to the shareholder and remaining a good corporate citizen."


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